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First Aid for Pets

Happy March. March is the beginning of spring and people are starting to enjoy the great outdoors in the warmer weather. When families get outside they usually include all of the family including those beloved. I am a mother to a four legged fur child and I do all I can to make sure he […]

CPR Essentials for Swim Instructors

When swim instructors are working with children and those that maybe afraid of water and getting used to the process of sticking their face in water in preparation to learn how to swim can be extremely overwhelming for them. Individuals can easily become overwhelmed and get excited when  learning new things in the water. It is […]

CPR vs BLS Comparison 2018

What?  There’s a difference between CPR classes????? Yes, there are different levels of CPR Training.  Let’s look at some of those differences and discuss the meaning of those differences. The most common BLS (Basic Life Support) for healthcare providers is through the American Heart Association and here is the course description: (aha.org) The BLS Course […]

Hello Health & Safety Enthusiasts!!

I like sharing the fun things I see on TV, social media and articles that I see involving health and safety.  I want to share some of those topics funny things and serious things with you here.   Lets take a look at some of the issues we see with health and safety training. . […]